Shipped at the correct price

From screws to complete floor plates of a Porsche: 9xxTeile sells it all and delivers all over the world. That is of course a challenge to ship, but also to offer the right and cheapest method to the customer.

Many shipping partners have a module or calculation method that works for many customers, but they do not send all the necessary parameters to allow correct calculation.

For these reasons, Webazed has developed various modules and methods together with 9xxTeile that each time perform a different calculation with the correct parameters, so that every shipment has the correct price calculation.

Shipping and Delivery


Professional, reliable and no effort too much: that's how we experience our collaboration with webazed while building our webshop!

Really satisfied with the entire process, and certainly also with the active thinking about solutions that we were looking for.

Dirk Nelissen - Owner 9xxTeile

9xxTeile modellen

User-friendly navigation

In addition to the normal categorization, the 9xxTeile webshop also features a model selector and Elasticsearch.

By using the model selector, the customer can immediately find all the parts that apply to his or her model. The options are linked to each other, so that the customer is guided to the right type.

The Elasticsearch module improves search results and provides appropriate categories and keywords. By doing this, the customer can find everything for his or her Porsche model in an instant.

Go-live challenge

Webazed specializes specifically in e-commerce. We believe that an e-commerce environment is different from a normal website.

The 9xxTeile project was taken over in record time and put live. Thanks to Webazed's knowledge, the customer received the correct information so that the correct decisions could be made quickly.

And the result speaks for itself: a successful e-commerce website.

Integrated Infrastructure
9xxTeile monitoring

Support and future advice

Thanks to our personal follow-up with Dirk from 9xxTeile, there is always good continuity with every question. Dirk is not just referred to an anonymous ticketing system, but has the same point of contact throughout his entire e-commerce journey.

In addition, at Webazed we also provide extra advice to guarantee the success of the webshop in the long term. Every month we look at the results and think about possible improvements to the webshop. Even the server is monitored, so that it remains up & running.

The Webazed team is therefore also at your service after delivery!

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