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Webazed develops new Magento webshops or optimises existing e-commerce environments.

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What is Magento?

Magento is a successful and open-source e-commerce system. It offers a complete package to build your entire web shop, down to its smallest details. In addition, because it is open-source, it is being continuously improved upon by developers and IT-specialist across the globe. There’s a lot of features and functionalities, including extra tools to

  • optimize your search engine results,
  • manage products and customers,
  • and to manage orders and billing.

In addition, there’s another 5900 Magento extensions that can add on to the built-in functionalities that are already available.

Magento 2 is open source. That means that developers all around the world help to make Magento a bit better.

Magento is packed with a lot of functionalities from product management to invoicing.

The Magento Marketplace has over 5900 extension which provides enhancements and additional features.

Compared to Wordpress, Magento has the ability to scale with technologies like Varnish and Redis.

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Magento seamlessly integrates with your infrastructure

Magento is actually designed to easily be extended and to integrate with all of your external systems, like your ERP, PIM, CRM and so on. In doing so, you’ll be enjoying the best e-commerce experience possible without a problem! Don’t let legacy systems hold you back, but meet increasingly high customer expectations and demands easily. Simply use Magento and best-in-class third party tools.

Integrated Infrastructure

Your e-commerce platform integrated with your ERP, CRM, and PIM

It goes without saying that the Webazed team is fully knowledgeable about the Magento platform and its extensions. But on top of that, we are also capable to integrate your e-commerce platform with all possible ERPs or register systems, like Exact, SAP and Navision

Or if you’d also like a content management system for online (website, social media) or offline (catalog, flyers) use? We can seamlessly integrate our Pimbird Product Information Management (PIM), which will offer you a world of possibilities to share content!

In short: our knowledge and experience will be at your service to create an “out-of-the-box” web shop that will give you the visibility you seek online, as well as boost your e-commerce business! Just get in touch with our team and we’ll help you get there.

How do we work with you?

Webazed develops new web shops for both smaller, as well as large businesses with ambition, or we continue with existing e-commerce projects. No matter which category you fall into, we always use our tried-and-true approach.

We start off with an advisory track. For businesses who are just starting, we’ll help to create a solid business plan. For existing projects, we’ll offer new ideas and suggestions to tackle existing (or even future) problems.

Next up, we’ll continue with the development track. We’ll build your e-shop from start-to-finish – using our in-house team! – and tailored to your specific needs. A project manager will be managing the project closely, ensuring that you will receive regular status updates and everything is executed according to our partnership agreements.

Last but not least, after you’re ready to rock your e-commerce shop, we believe in becoming a long-term partner to keep advising and helping out with your business. From advising new functionality once your business grows, to troubleshooting should you encounter any issues at all.

Together, we believe in building you a business to stand the test of time.



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